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CS-Encrypted website completed.

2009-08-16 21:33:19 by AzureSignal

At last, after several months of work, I have finally finished putting my website online.

You can visit it here.

If you cannot find the site, try updating Java.

Here are the features:
- Astonishing design.
- The ability to make accounts.
- The ability to post files of any format without any bots or limits or whatever.
- A kickass forum without any nazi mods like Poozy. HUR HUR.
- A chat. Up yours, PsychoGoldfish.
- A beta of Aerocalypse, an intense MMO project I'm currently working on.
- And moar!


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2009-08-16 21:39:52

Wow, good job man.

It looks really good.

(Updated ) AzureSignal responds:

Thanks. Glad to see some feedback.

So, how's it feel to be the only forum moderator?


2009-08-16 22:25:36

for the love of god dont click it. Its a trojan

AzureSignal responds:

Try updating Java.


2009-08-17 00:15:40

God, not this AGAIN.

You nearly fucking broke my iPod's Safari app.

It's still funny though.

AzureSignal responds:

Proof that Apple cannot handle the awesome power of Cipher.


2009-08-17 16:44:09

i wouldnt of clicked it any way...


2009-08-19 21:31:04

This just in: Jamoke is a negro.


2009-08-20 05:05:44

Age/Gender: 24, Male

You lie


2009-08-22 17:44:47

Oh hey! Yeah it's been a while. How are you?