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Aerocalypse plot revealed!

2009-09-04 22:10:24 by AzureSignal

Hey guys, I've released an extract of the Aerocalypse storyline.

Fifteen minutes prior to the test, I was already at the base. Dozens of pilots and several other individuals saluted me. That was a magnificent confidence booster as I stepped inside the base commander's office.

Base Commander:
<< Captain Zero. We meet at last. >>

I was confident. He seemed pretty confident as well. I am usually silent, but I couldn't help it.

<< It's an honor to meet you, sir. >>

Base Commander:
<< You know why you were called here, right? You've been chosen to test our nation's latest technological phenomenon. Look through the window and you'll see what I mean. >>

I gazed at what seemed like a fighter jet from a sci-fi movie. I was speechless. I was tired of flying the same boring F-15. I finally got to fly something special. The commanding officer replied to my thought with:

Base Commander:
<< It's not science-fiction. It's what we do every day. >>

The time had finally come. The aircraft was empty and on the taxiway, motionless. I could hear seemingly hundreds of people applaud as I showed up in a flight suit, walking towards the prototype. I entered the cockpit. The interface was complex, but much more familiar than I thought. It was actually pretty similar to the basic frontline F-16. I had flown that aircraft at the beginning of my career, before moving on to my current F-15A Eagle.
I waved at the crowd as I closed the canopy. The base personnel made the swarm move back as I started the engines. I smoothly increased the thrust, and the plane headed for the runway. The takeoff was imminent. I set the thrust to maximum, and in seconds the craft soared into the air. I soon heard a familiar voice over the radio.

<< Zero? You there? >>

It was the Colonel. He was there too!

<< I am now speaking on behalf of the commander of this base. There is a target 30 miles ahead of your position. The crowd can't see it, but it's for a good reason. We don't want fans gossiping about the F-22's sheer power to the enemy, am I right? >>

I silently agreed. Leo didn't like chitchat, and neither did I. The target was in front of me. Nothing big, just a harmless hot-air balloon. I was within gun range. An instant before I pulled the trigger, I heard a transmission that I would never forget.

Control Tower:
<< Warning. Five unknowns on radar, vector 000. >>

I couldn't believe it. Five unidentified machines. Right in front of me. I had faced enemy ace pilots and deadly artillery, but never anything like this. I finished off the balloon, and increased my altitude to FL2601. I was dazzled as five, saucer-shaped silhouettes appeared before my eyes. I waited in anxiety for the engagement order. As soon as I heard these words, I initiated attack.

Control Tower:
<< Zero, you're cleared to engage! >>

I immediately fired a salvo of five missiles at the enemy. However they bounced back at me and I was shot down. I successfully bailed out and managed to get out of here alive. Then I went to my mother and she got scared She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air' I begged and pleaded with her day after day But she packed my suite case and send me on my way She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket. I put my walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'. First class, yo this is bad Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass. Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like? Hmmmmm this might be alright. But wait I hear they're prissy, wine all that Is Bel-Air the type of place they send this cool cat? I don't think so I'll see when I get there I hope they're prepared for the prince of Bel-Air Well, the plane landed and when I came out There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my name out I ain't trying to get arrested I just got here I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said 'FRESH' and it had dice in the mirror If anything I can say this cab is rare But I thought 'Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to Bel Air' I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later' I looked at my kingdom I was finally there To settle my throne as the Prince of Bel Air



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2009-09-05 15:36:35

cool story bro.


2009-09-10 17:05:04

That was...
Well, I'd play the thing anyway.

AzureSignal responds:

It'll take a while.


2009-09-12 08:47:15

You fucked up the bel air part.



2009-10-03 22:36:47




2009-10-09 19:07:33

It seems you have a short attention span, due to your obvious detraction from the story and lack of continuing thought to it, and decided to end it using a slightly different "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" theme.
The actual storyline, however, seemed quite promising.